Wow! I really do live where others holiday and I love it. You will, too!

I am an expert on the real estate market in Campbell River and the surrounding area. I work with clients who are buying or selling in Campbell River. I did my research when I moved to the West Coast in 1992 and chose Campbell River because it offers the best of all possible worlds.

Campbell River is the fourth largest city on Vancouver Island with great services, shopping and opportunities. The land itself rises up from the shore providing a slope that allows for lots of housing with spectacular ocean views.

If you are looking for wilderness areas, they are here – we’re the gateway to the North Island area. Ski slopes are minutes away at Mt. Washington (if you like a resort feel or want to train with Olympic teams), or Mt. Cain (if you are looking for something more rustic).

We’re surrounded by large and small farms that sell their products locally and internationally.

The Arts are an important part of our community. We have great festivals and a gifted population – you’ll be amazed!

Campbell River is a vibrant and active community, with great recreational opportunities for all ages and fitness levels.

If you have specific questions, call me! - I love talking about our area.